Digital Marketing

Gone is the era of ‘feet on the street’ sales and marketing activities. The businesses and customers stay ahead of the technology curve and are always on the lookout for new opportunities. The Digital Marketing services are the forefront in any business communication. We at Avdege Media are dedicated to providing competitive, high-quality Digital Marketing services to our customers. Our committed team works extensively on need based project model, wherein the Digital Marketing strategy is planned and executed to fetch the anticipated results.

Our portfolio of Digital Marketing services includes SEO/SMO services, PPC services, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing Services, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing. The underlying activity is to create awareness and brand mentions for your business, generate leads and close the sales transaction.

Our mediums of generating inbound traffic:

SEO Services

Our team decides on the effective and prevalent keywords and optimises the website content accordingly. We provide superior links with authoritative and reliable websites. Our SEO services are localised based on your client geographies, as anything that works in one territory might not work in others.

Social Media

Engaging the customers on social channels is another challenge for businesses, and here we help you improve your social presence. High social visibility serves as the first step to social communications and helps in social media campaigns.

PPC Services

We help increase your online visibility using paid clicks. The emphasis is on generating quality traffic to websites from the target segments. We cater to major search engines and tools like Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo Search, Facebook for Business.

When major digital marketing service providers just generate traffic and click-through rates, our services are focused on Conversion Optimisation as the fulfilment of Digital Marketing Strategy. Our Conversion Rate Optimisation includes creating rich User-Experience, exhaustive business research and online reputation management services.

Once the campaigns are executed, analytics provide the real picture of site visitors’ statistics and behavioural patterns. The Digital Marketing campaigns are tracked and monitored through various web analytics solutions and tools.

Affiliate Marketing

We provide performance-based marketing in which affiliates are rewarded for each visitor or customer brought to the business website by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

Email Marketing

Bulk email campaigns with the relevant message can increase the customer footfalls to your website. The spectrum of services includes automated email marketing, data mining, mailer designs, list management, campaign tracking (click through & open rates) and bounce handling.

Influencer Marketing

The thought-leadership of your industry help create brand mentions and affects the target segments behaviour towards your Digital Marketing activities.

Content Creation

All the above activities will go in vain if your website doesn’t present a compelling story line to engage the traffic. We offer content writing services to our clients in continuation of Digital Marketing services. Be the social media posts, technical content for the website, blog articles, Whitepapers, infographics, case studies all these are developed in accordance with the Digital Marketing Strategy adopted.

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